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  • Author: Daniel B.
  • Date Submitted: Oct 14, 2019

I went to the emergency room as preventative caution. I was going on a scubba trip.

I had fallin a week earlier and hit my head.

I was charged 5800.00 dollars for the head CT and work done . Then I was billed 6200.00 bacause they deemed me a prioity patient. I don't know what that means but I can tell you I sat in a hallway until taken to the test. There was nothing dramatic or life treatening that deemed special attention . I never evn had a room or ER bed. I sat in the hall until taken to the

test I paid for.

I can accept the test cost. The 6200.00 is just abusive and excesisive billing. I am a recent CU Boulder graduate and this is a lot of money. I have been paying it off for almost two years still owe $200.00 dollars and insurance will not cover these abusive charges.

Looks like I cannot afford to go to anhospital even with health insurance.

Daniel 443-416-7392.