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Ask an Expert: What Is Embodied Learning And How Does It Support Recovery? 4/18/24

  • Category: Substance Abuse

What is embodied learning? Why is it effective in group therapy settings? How can this approach to treatment create more sustainable behavior change? In this discussion we’ll discover the principles of embodied learning and Kolb’s Learning Cycle and explore how these tools can support those in recovery continue to integrate skills in their life outside of the therapy room.

Who are the speakers?
Fatina Cannon, LPC, LAC, Chief Clinical Officer at NorthStar Transitions - Fatina Cannon serves as the Chief Clinical Officer for NorthStar Transitions, a substance abuse primary and behavioral health treatment center in Boulder, Colorado. With over ten years of experience in the behavioral health field providing trauma recovery-integrated care, Fatina has provided care to clients and supervision for clinicians at the residential, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient, and outpatient settings. Additionally, she is a national speaker on trauma, addiction recovery, and embodied learning.

This event is brought to you through a partnership between Boulder Community Health’s PILLAR Program and NorthStar Transitions.

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