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Family Birth Center welcomes one of Boulder County's 1st New Year's babies

Family Birth Center welcomes one of Boulder County's 1st New Year's babies

Today’s print (front page) and online (homepage) editions of the Daily Camera feature a story about the first Boulder County babies born in 2024. It includes an interview with BCH patient Sara Demetroff about her giving birth to the first baby born in the city of Boulder: a baby girl born at 4:52 a.m. at Foothills Hospital, delivered by certified nurse-midwife Jessica Dacic, CNM, DNP, of Foothills Community Midwives.

A link to the article and full content is provided below:

Lafayette, Boulder hospitals welcome county’s first babies of 2024

By ELLA COBB | | Daily Camera

PUBLISHED: January 1, 2024 at 3:10 p.m. | UPDATED: January 1, 2024 at 6:56 p.m.

While many people across Boulder County were busy slurping down champagne or tossing back shrimp cocktail just before midnight on New Year’s Eve, Devon Spurlock was in hour one of labor at Good Samaritan Hospital in Lafayette.

After a surprisingly quick delivery, Spurlock and her husband Josh welcomed a baby girl, named Noa, at 12:25 a.m., the first baby to be born in Boulder County this year.

The Spurlocks — who live in Golden — had to scramble to find someone to watch their other daughter before setting out to the hospital.

“We had to wait for a sitter to arrive on New Year’s Eve before leaving home,” Spurlock said in a press release from Good Samaritan. According to Spurlock, Noa’s older sister, Tatym, was also born at Good Samaritan just 20 months ago.

Baby Noa arrived weighing 7 pounds and 2 ounces, and measured 20 inches long.

Tonya Chapin, director of perinatal services at Good Samaritan, said welcoming the New Year’s baby is always exciting.

“We strive to provide excellent and patient-centered care to each woman who chooses to deliver with us. We are proud to have delivered this precious little baby for our Lafayette and Boulder County community,” Chapin said in the press release.

A couple of hours later, parents Sara Demetroff and Andrew Slack of Longmont gave birth to the first baby born in the city of Boulder, welcoming their second child at Boulder Community Health’s Foothills Hospital at 4:52 a.m.: A baby girl weighing 6 pounds and 1 ounce, and measuring 18.5 inches long.

While baby Demetroff-Slack emerged healthy and happy, according to her parents, she popped out of the oven three weeks early, at 37 weeks. Her early arrival meant that her parents hadn’t quite settled on a name for the little spud.

“We have a handful of names that we’ve been considering, but I’m extremely sleep-deprived, and I don’t want to make a quick decision,” said Demetroff.

However, while baby Demetroff-Slack hangs in limbo waiting for her legal name to arrive, her older sister has bestowed upon her perhaps the best nickname of all time – “Sparkle Bella Candy Unicorn Rapunzel Hairdo.”

Baby Demetroff-Slack’s older sister, Olivia, is 4 years old, and according to Demetroff, had no problem communicating her feelings about becoming an older sister to her parents.

“When we told her that her baby sister was coming, she said to us that she was ‘overwhelmed,’” Demetroff laughed. “I mean, I haven’t even articulated anything like that. She has a lot of wisdom for a 4-year-old.”

Baby’s parents say that she is happy, healthy, and a little bit wiggly. 

‘Sparkle Bella’ takes after her older sister, as well as her father, in that all three were born at Boulder Community Hospital. Another thing that the three have in common? They were all born on the first of each month.

Demetroff says that already, the new baby is extremely active — Fitting for a baby born in Boulder.

“She moves so much more in utero and afterwards than her sister did,” said Sara. “And she’s very vocal — she’s very chatty and coo-ey and she wiggles a lot. I think she’s gonna keep us on our toes.”

“We keep remarking how beautiful and sweet she is, and we’re so excited to have her, and for her to meet her older sister, and for her older sister to meet her,” Demetroff added.

While babies Demetroff-Slack and Spurlock came wiggling out of the wombs with gusto, other babies around Boulder County just didn’t seem to want to emerge on New Year’s Day.

Other than baby Demetroff-Slack and Noa Spurlock, no other babies have been born in Boulder County as of deadline.