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Collaboration between Project Angel Heart and BCH yields profound results

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Collaboration between Project Angel Heart and BCH yields profound results

Nourishing the community: An impactful collaboration between Project Angel Heart and Boulder Community Health Foundation

In 2022, the Boulder Community Health Foundation granted $75,000 to Project Angel Heart. Those funds fueled the preparation and delivery of 5,747 medically tailored meals to 135 BCH patients. Each patient received eight weeks of seven meals at no cost to them, coupled with nutrition education materials and access to nutrition counseling services with Project Angel Heart's dedicated nutrition services team.

The collaboration between Project Angel Heart and BCH yielded profound results. According to feedback from patients, 78% reported that the meals improved their ability to adhere to their health care plans, 63% found it easier to afford other basic needs such as housing and medication, 80% were able to maintain independence at home post-hospitalization and 83% reported an enhanced quality of life.

“I am so appreciative of the services provided by Project Angel Heart and BCH. I was given so many restrictions and instructions on what to eat to help my recovery but didn't know how I was going to accommodate them with my illnesses and lack of energy.” - BCH Patient

One key success of the partnership was the streamlined referral process between BCH and Project Angel Heart. Utilizing CareLink, BCH staff referred patients to Project Angel Heart, enabling the organization to conduct brief intakes over the phone and deliver meals to patients' doors within 48 hours. The collaboration not only met immediate needs but also helped expand the program's reach. Since Project Angel Heart extended its services to the Boulder community in June 2021, the partnership with BCH has allowed them to reach more individuals in need. From the inception of this partnership, BCH referred 23 patients who qualified for Project Angel Heart's core nutritional program, ensuring continued meal deliveries beyond the initial eight weeks.

"My family and I were very excited to receive these meals from Project Angel Heart. I'm alive today because of the care I received at Boulder Community Health. I can’t believe how impactful these meals have been to my health and recovery. They came out of the blue, and BCH has been so supportive throughout the process." - BCH Patient

At the BCH Foundation, we believe everyone should have a fair and just opportunity to reach their full health potential, both physically and mentally. We know not everyone has equal or equitable access to health care, and that multiple factors outside of health care determine our mental and physical health. While BCH cannot solve for all the health barriers the greater Boulder community faces, the Foundation can enhance access to health care, and provide social and economic support to improve the health and well-being of BCH patients and the larger patient community.