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BCH patients pay it forward with discounted HeartScans

BCH patients pay it forward with discounted HeartScans

For the fourth year in a row, Leonard and Nancie Velick are generously donating funds to provide a limited number of half-price HeartScans during February, in honor of American Heart Month and Boulder Community Health (BCH) cardiologist, Jamie Doucet, MD.

After losing his father to a heart attack at the age of 47, Leonard knew he needed to start seeing a cardiologist early. He made his first appointment when he was 35 years old. After years of seeing cardiologists around the country, Leonard and his family landed in Boulder in 1995. They eventually came into the care of Dr. Doucet. 

It was not until Dr. Doucet suggested a HeartScan for Leonard that his full heart health became clear. “He ran every test he could think of on me,” Leonard said. “[Dr. Doucet] knew I was sick; we just could not figure out what it was.” 

A HeartScan is a fast, safe method for measuring the calcium (plaque) level in your coronary arteries. Measuring plaque has proven to be a good predictor of future heart problems. Early detection is vital because the development of heart disease can be slowed or even reversed by proper medical management and lifestyle changes. 

leonard and nancy velick sitting at tableHeartScans are not covered by insurance and the expense can be prohibitive for many potential patients. Luckily, Leonard was able to get a HeartScan. 

“I received the results after playing a doubles tennis match,” Leonard continued, “and they told me my scan looked almost as bad as it could be.” 

He was quickly scheduled for quintuple bypass surgery to improve blood flow to his heart with five new routes - or “bypasses” - around the clogged sections of his arteries.  

Leonard says, “It is because of Dr. Doucet and because of that HeartScan in 2005 that I am still here today!” 

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Experts say that one out of three Americans will die from heart disease. For 50 percent of heart disease victims, the first symptom is a heart attack. For one-third of the victims of heart disease, the first symptom is sudden death. And 30 percent of the people who will die from heart disease have no risk factors for heart disease. 

Leonard and Nancie’s youngest daughter, Lisa, says, “I tell everyone 50 and above to get a HeartScan! One of my girlfriends said she had been putting it off due to cost, but this opportunity gave her the push she needed to get the scan.” 

Nancie Velick is also appreciative of Dr. Doucet for the care he provided her last year when she visited the Emergency Department at BCH. She received a pacemaker–like the one her husband has.  

For the long-time care they have received, Leonard and Nancie say: “We are enthusiastic about donating in support of this community, our friends, and our neighbors who are receiving these scans and this necessary medical attention, through the help of the Boulder Community Health Foundation.” 

The Velick family wants you to know: Getting a HeartScan can save your life. 

HeartScan Details  

love your heart graphic for heart scanCall 303-415-5170 to schedule your HeartScan. These scans are available for adults ages 50 and over on a limited basis while supplies last.  

Mention the offer “BCH HEART2023” to receive the discounted rate. $116.50 per patient is due at the time of service. HeartScans are being offered at three BCH locations: Foothills Hospital in Boulder, the Community Medical Center in Lafayette and Erie Medical Center

Scans are appropriate for individuals with risk factors for heart disease, as well as those who want reassurance about their current heart health status. BCH HeartScans are reviewed by board-certified radiologists, and a written report is mailed within 48 hours. If your scan indicates a problem, a radiologist will call you or your physician. 

Thank you to the Boulder Community Health Foundation and grateful patients, Leonard and Nancie Velick, for making this possible once again in 2023. 

About BCH Heart Care  

The expert cardiology team at BCH’s Boulder Heart leads the way in advanced preventative, surgical and life-saving treatments. They offer our area's only full-service heart program, delivering personalized and compassionate care at four convenient locations across the Boulder Valley.  

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