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Transforming lives at BCH: Dr. Rob Vissers calls for your support.

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Transforming lives at BCH: Dr. Rob Vissers calls for your support.

As a nonprofit community-owned health system, BCH has a long history of evolving our clinical programs to ensure we stay aligned to the shifting needs of our community. From expanding our behavioral health care to investing in our nationally recognized birth center, this year alone we have made strategic investments across the continuum of care to keep important services local, drive clinical excellence and remove barriers to care within our community.

For the past century, it has been the generosity and advocacy of our community that has both inspired and fueled these efforts. Through our critical partnership with the BCH Foundation, we receive important financial support each year, which enables us to make many capital and programmatic investments. As the leader of your nonprofit health system, at a time where we are emerging from the most challenging chapter in our history, I cannot convey enough how essential this support is to our continued ability to invest in services that are important to our community and ensure we have the best teams in place to deliver this care each day.

As 2023 comes to a close, I ask for your consideration of financial support of BCH, your community health system.

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The community’s generosity over the past year has enabled us to accomplish so much, including furthering our commitment to:

  1. Ensuring that all patients, regardless of financial standing, have a fair opportunity to reach their full physical and mental health potential, including patient assistance funds across oncology, cardiology, and behavioral health.
  2. Expanding comprehensive education and wellness programs for our care teams, accelerating our efforts to recruit, retain, and train our outstanding staff and providers.
  3. Staying aligned to the ever-changing needs of our community, including expanding treatment options for substance use disorders and providing comprehensive care for our aging population.
  4. Building partnerships with local organizations to address social and economic barriers to health in our patient population. This year alone we have forged several new partnerships that enable us to provide care to our most complex patients and foster greater community health throughout Boulder County.
  5. Improving key service lines, including investing in state-of-the-art equipment that improve clinical outcomes and quality of life, such as a second da Vinci Robotic-assisted system for cardiology and new baby warmers and incubators for our Family Birth Center.

I encourage you to learn more about the BCH Foundation and the work your generosity enables, to enhance the quality and availability of health care in the community. To those of you who have been committed supporters year after year, whether as patients, providers, or community members, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your enduring commitment to our community health system. As we reflect on this year and look forward to 2024, I wish you and your families the happiest and healthiest holiday season ahead.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your families in the years to come.