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Building a circle of support for new parents

Building a circle of support for new parents

BCH’s 1992 mom-baby group celebrates 30 years of friendship

The early days of parenting are overwhelming and oftentimes lonely. New moms find themselves on a brand-new journey into motherhood, experiencing challenges, joy, confusion, frustration, exhaustion—or a jumble of all these emotions. They quickly learn that they’re not meant to parent alone and long for friends who could relate to what they’re going through—for friends who just get it.

In the spring of 1992, six new moms came together (Ann Crabb, Katie Fosse, Julie Herrin, Robin Madison, Arlene Moskowitz and Chris Munro), connected by their babies’ births at BCH and a longing for support from other women experiencing the same challenges of having a newborn. What they found, however, were friendships that stood the test of time through all phases of parenthood.

Over the years, these six women shared their stories—the good, the ugly, the celebratory moments and the real struggles of motherhood. From celebrating their children’s birthdays and milestones to sharing the frustrations that come with changing years, they’ve laughed together, they’ve cried together, they’ve lifted each other up and supported one another after the death of one of the moms in their group.

They now send texts or call just to check-in. They rally around each other when someone in their group is hurting and offer caring advice. These women who had experienced the challenges and overwhelming emotions of raising kids now share the hardships of caring for or losing elderly parents.

Now, as they celebrate the 30th anniversary of their friendships, they’re telling their story so that new moms will see the invaluable experience of connecting with other new moms — with the hope that they too will pay it forward to future new moms.

Become part of BCH’s supportive community for new moms.

The Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital recognizes that investing time and energy in supporting new moms is essential to their well-being. Facilitated by a registered nurse/doula specially trained to work with mothers and babies, BCH’s holds a weekly mom-baby support group aimed at helping women adjust to life after having a baby and providing mother-to-mother support, encouragement and friendship.

“The group supports new moms who are struggling with breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Sometimes they just need other moms to talk to who are feeling the same way and have found positive coping skills for overcoming the challenges of motherhood,” said Danielle Zaitzew, a nurse and lactation consultant with the Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital.

Currently, the group meets every Tuesday virtually from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Learn more at

1992 Mom-Baby Support Group 30-year anniversary gathering with their husbands (Summer 2022)