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Dr. Sameer Oza | World's Smallest Pacemaker

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Dr. Sameer Oza | World's Smallest Pacemaker

Pacemakers have been around for decades but they continue to evolve. Denver7's Nicole Brady recently talked to electrophysiologist Dr. Sameer Oza with Boulder Community Health about a new type of pacemaker that's smaller and easier to implant. BCH's Foothills Hospital is currently the only Boulder County facility implanting the Micra device.

Pacemakers are required when people develop abnormal heart rhythms. It's more common
later in life but it can happen to younger people as well. A traditional pacemaker requires surgery to insert it under the collarbone and connect wires to the heart.

"The Micra pacemaker is placed through an incision in the groin," explains Dr. Oza, a highly experienced cardiologist at BCH's Boulder Heart clinics.

"We place a tube which is fed into the heart and through that the Micra is delivered into the heart," Dr. Oza says. "So the patient does not have an incision on their chest which is of cosmetic importance to a lot of people. There are no wires that are going in through the veins and as a result the complications that happen with wires over the long term are not present with the Micra."

According to Dr. Oza, the Micra isn't as noticeable externally as a traditional pacemaker. It can also last longer: up to 15 years versus 10 to 12 for a traditional pacemaker.

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