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BCH's Midwife Paige Swales Describes Midwifery Care

BCH's certified nurse midwife Paige Swales spoke with Nicole Brady of Channel 7 about midwifery care, an increasingly popular option for moms and families who are expecting a baby.

Indeed, BCH will launch a midwifery group, Foothills Community Midwives (FCM) in April, providing more choice for expectant families in the greater Boulder Valley area--and the ability to have a midwife-led birth in the nurturing, supportive and safe environment of the Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital in Boulder.

According to Ms. Swales: “Most women who seek out midwifery care are seeking out a relationship; someone who's really going to listen to them and offer support throughout the entire process.”

Midwives offer a range of training and experience; many deliver babies at homes or a standalone birth center. Ms Swales explains that "the benefit of being a Certified Nurse Midwife is that we are able to priovide all the guidance and support for natural birth in the comfort of a hospital, with obstetrians on back up in case we need them." The growing FCM midwife care team also includes Laurie Rodenberg, CNM; we expect to add two additional CNMs by late summer.

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To make an appointment at Foothills Community Midwives, call 303-415-4045.

To make an appointment with the OB/GYNs at Boulder Women's Care, call 303-441-0587.