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Meet Junior Volunteer Inés Marti!

Inés Marti is one of 41 'Junior Volunteers' -- high school students working throughout the Boulder Community Health system this summer. BCH loves volunteers younger and older. To learn more about volunteer opportunities, please visit our Volunteer page.

by Inés Marti, Fairview High School student and BCH Junior Volunteer, Summer 2017

Inés MartiMy name is Inés Marti, a rising senior at Fairview High School in Boulder. I moved here at the start of 2013 from Santiago, Chile, which not many would guess when first meeting me due to my proficiency in English!

I started volunteering at Boulder Community Health around this time last month, and have been coming in one to three times per week ever since. I work at the gift shop, and absolutely love it.

What I love most about my job here at the hospital is the connections I make with people that come into the shop, whether it be patients, their families & friends, or employees. It truly brightens my day to talk to everyone who comes in. It is an unparalleled feeling to offer a comfortable and welcoming space to those who come into the hospital. BCH has made me feel very accepted ever since I came in, and I greatly enjoy my time here.

I am working hard to earn my International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma at Fairview High School, an academically rigorous path which I have been a part of ever since my freshman year.

Following high school, I know for sure that I want to go into medical studies, but other than that, everything is still very much so up in the air. I am looking at colleges throughout the United States, as well as a couple in Spain. Both options offer diverse benefits, and I am beyond excited to start my life as an independent young woman and cannot wait for the endless possibilities the world has to offer me after I have finished high school.

Throughout my life, I have had the opportunity to travel quite a bit, which has given me such an incredibly vast worldview. I have learned about adversity and diversity, and how to manage both, which has allowed me to mature into an empathetic and compassionate young adult. I embrace our differences and realize that these differences are what set us apart and make each one of us who we are.

Please stop by the Foothills Hospital gift shop and say 'hello!'