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Boulder Women's Care Welcomes Pregnant Moms & Families

group speakingGathering with a group of pregnant women and their families always makes us feel optimistic: all really is well in the world. On Monday evening, Boulder Women’s Care had the great pleasure of hosting nearly 40 such beautiful folks.

We welcomed young families, introduced our team & initiated a conversation about recent changes that will affect deliveries at Foothills Hospital. As of August 1, Boulder Medical Center’s OB/GYN practice will deliver all babies at Longmont United Hospital. We are well aware that this change has created some anxiety among local moms who’d like to have their babies in Boulder.

group speakingBoulder Women’s Care is both enthusiastic and honored to expand our current capacity in order to meet this increased need for pregnancy care.

Here’s what we already have done:

1. You can call 303-415-5235 to schedule your initial pregnancy care appointment with a nurse.

2. We are offering extra evening clinic hours for new patients, including those considering transferring care from BMC.

3. We’re creating a better experience for you, from our front office to timely appointment scheduling.

Here's what's on deck:

1. We will add two OB/GYN doctors to our team this fall.

2. Boulder Community Health will launch a Certified Nurse Midwife-staffed practice this fall.

BCH understands that many local young families want to have a choice when it comes to selecting a caretaker to collaboratively guide their journey through pregnancy and birth. Although BCH already offers midwifery service, it is time to expand that approach. BWC's physicians will be honored to serve as backup for the new midwife practice, when needed for medical reasons.