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Spotting All the Signs of Breast Cancer - Free Online Health Lecture

  • Categories: Cancer, Women's Health

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Hear the latest recommendations for screening mammograms.

Despite breast cancer being the most curable when caught early, many women know little about the warning signs. You might think that you only need to look for a lump, but that’s not the only symptom.

Come hear a panel of breast health experts describe how to regularly examine your breasts and determine what’s normal or when to consult your health care provider. Then learn about healthy lifestyle behaviors that can help reduce your risk, as well as the latest screening tools and recommendations for early detection.

The panel includes Paige Swales, CNM, and Martine Tesone DNP, CNM, of Foothills Community Midwives, which provides holistic care for every stage of a woman’s life, and Catherine Evans, MD, of Boulder Radiologists.