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Boulder Community Health’s highest priority is to ensure we do everything within our control to maintain the safety of our patients, staff and the overall community. This requires us to take every opportunity to contain, control and reduce the impact of the COVID-19 virus. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), limiting public gatherings is a very effective tool for slowing the spread of COVID-19. We are following that CDC recommendation and cancelling all non-essential public gatherings intended for community members. This is effective immediately and includes our PWRMoves Class offered at the Boulder West Age Well Center and the East Boulder Community Center.

We recognize that activities like community education programs, support groups and these classes are highly valued by community members and the BCH staff who provide those services. Accordingly, BCH has started a taskforce that is working to identify alternative ways of providing such activities, if possible.

Thank you for supporting this effort to safeguard our community. I encourage you to visit the homepage of our website,, for regular updates about COVID-19.


- A class for people with Parkinson's...PWR!Exercise4BrainChange® principles are applied using PWR!Moves™ created by neuroscientist Dr. Becky Farley. (Parkinson Wellness

This dynamic class targets the motor and non-motor symptoms of Parkinson's Disease that interfere with everyday movement. Join in the action to increase balance, flexibility and posture, improve gait, prevent falls and optimize brain health.

Research has proven that when implemented correctly, exercise can slow progression of many key Parkinson's related symptoms and greatly improve quality of life. The class instructors are PWR!Therapists™ trained by Parkinson Wellness Recovery.

Class Requirements: Able to stand independently at least 2 minutes, able to walk independently at least 200 feet with or without an assistive device. Written clearance from physician is recommended.

Teachers: Mary Richardson, PT; Nancy Hillmer, OT

Thank you to Maureen Dobson and Boulder Senior Services for agreeing to pilot a partnership with BCH that allows us to continue to offer PWR!Moves in the Boulder area!

  • Price: $72.00
  • Registration Instructions: Scholarships may be available for people who are on Medicaid, Colorado Access or the Colorado Indigent Care Program.