Our Workforce

We believe it’s imperative to invest in the professional growth and physical and mental health of BCH’s greatest asset—the staff and physicians providing care to the community.

Our health care workers are under immense pressure, and those who have stayed in this industry seek more support from their employers. In partnership with the Foundation, BCH is able to invest in:

  • Creating a work environment that is attractive to job-seekers
  • Establishing programs that nurture and support our existing staff

The BCH Foundation aims to make an impact by investing in the following programmatic areas:

Extraordinary Workforce

Supporting a robust, resilient and resourced workforce to meet the opportunities and challenges in today’s health care landscape.

Extraordinary Workforce Programs

  • Affiliate of Watson Caring Sciences Institution: BCH now has access to the most up-to-date research, education, praxis and legacy of best practices as it relates to the health care work environments. Caring Science is a transdisciplinary approach that incorporates the art and science of nursing and includes concepts from the fields of philosophy, ethics, ecology and mind-body-spirit medicine.
  • BCH Ambassador Scholarships
    • Betty Lue Hill scholarship: An annual scholarship for BCH registered nurses and registered respiratory therapists.
    • Pat Shoemaker scholarship: An annual scholarship for graduating high school seniors and current BCH employees that have an interest in pursuing careers in health care.
    • Ron Secrist scholarship: An annual scholarship for BCH employees with demonstrated leadership in the medical profession.
    • Watlington Meyer-Smith scholarship: An annual scholarship that provides scholarships for nursing students.
  • Development Dimensions International Leadership Training Curriculum: Development Dimensions International will provide annual access to 40+ courses that teach best practices to select, manage and develop employees, to build rapport, enhance engagement and retain employees, and to help leaders inspire employees to achieve organizational goals.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging Training: Facilitating a training within a transformative space for BCH to examine their collective responsibility to disrupt oppression and create an equitable system. The training will equip individuals and organizations with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to implement Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion across the entire organization.
  • Employee Emergency Assistance Fund: Funding set up by BCH employees to help fellow employees that are experiencing financial strain and may need a little extra help.
  • Hoover Family Center for Education Excellence: Providing a comprehensive and industry competitive education program to support the growth and development opportunities for staff and leaders within BCH, helping to attract and retain top talent. The program has led to almost 4x the number of BCH staff receiving education support and reimbursement for professional growth.
  • Staff and Physician Wellness Program: Facilitating and supporting targeted initiatives for staff, leadership, and physicians created to promote resilience, engagement, employment longevity, and a shared sense of organizational identity and vision among the BCH workforce.

BCH Rapid Response Programs

  • COVID-19 Response Funds: Fueled by the desire of the Boulder community to support the BCH workforce, $2.5M was raised. Funds were distributed across BCH to support the purchase of personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff, vaccines for the community, emergency assistance funds, reducing barriers to care and treatment, and more.
  • Feed the Frontlines Boulder: During the COVID-19 pandemic, the community came together to provide meals from local independent restaurants to health workers on the frontlines. Health workers were provided a nourishing meal, and local restaurants received badly needed business to keep running and keep their staff employed.
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