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If you have questions about our services, or to make BCH Occupational Health Services your designated medical provider, please contact our office at (303) 604-4660, or e-mail ohscustomerservice@bch.org.

Services Summaries

Drug and Alcohol Testing Services: As a service to designated companies, the BCH Reference Laboratory in Boulder and the Community Medical Center lab in Lafayette offer DOT and non-DOT regulated drug and alcohol testing services. 

Hazardous Exposure and Respiratory Fitness Monitoring: We can perform medical surveillance examinations for employees who work with or have been exposed to hazardous materials. We can also provide expertise in developing education and safety programs.

Injury Prevention: Our treatment plans for injured workers always include specific recommendations for preventing a recurrence of that injury. 

Worksite Evaluations:  Our physical therapy team at Boulder Center for Sports Medicine East in Lafayette can provide individually tailored educational programs and comprehensive ergonomic evaluations for groups of employees at the workplace.  To schedule a worksite evaluation, please call (303) 926-2665. 

Medical Care: Injured employees have access to 24-hour acute medical care and comprehensive rehabilitation services.

Medical Assistance with Employment: We provide post-offer physical examinations, ergonomic assessments, a variety of drug screens, work conditioning, tool & job site modification, and functional capacity evaluations.

Physician Consultation: Our physicians can provide medical treatment, a second opinion or Independent Medical Examination (if requested by the employer or workers' compensation).  

Physical Examinations: We perform a range of physical examinations and help employers meet Department of Transportation (DOT) and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

Return to Work Program: We can provide injured employees tool & job site modification and medically supervised physical conditioning that uses work simulations specific to that employee's job tasks.

Therapy Services: Our team of physical and occupational therapists are employed by Boulder Center for Sports Medicine East in Lafayette, evaluating and treating a variety of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders. There is also a hand therapist on staff, as well as a certified massage therapist.  To schedule a physical therpay appointment with a member of the occupational health team, call (303) 926-2665.

Want to Designate OHS as your Work Comp Provider?

Designating OHS is easy!  Simply download the forms below, indicate the care choices that are right for your business, and either fax or e-mail them back to us.  Instructions are on each page.   Then, contact your Work Comp Insurance Provider and let them know that you have selected us as your Work Comp Care Provider. 

Client Services Form pdf

Designation Form pdf                     Designation Form doc

Protocol List Form pdf                    Protocol List Form doc       

Drug Testing Contract pdf


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