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iPrivileges - lists medical staff members, their specialty, specific privileges, and contact info

Call Schedules - desktop version or mobile version 

Foothills Construction Update

Laboratory Services

Practitioner Health & Wellbeing Committee
- Concerns about the health and wellbeing of Medical Staff and Allied Health Professional Staff at Boulder Community Health should be referred to the Chair or a member of this committee

Colorado Physician Health Program
- CPHP provides assistance services for physicians, physician assistants and some residents, medical students and physician assistant students who have any problems that would affect their health. Problems might include medical and/or psychiatric conditions (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease, HIV infection, depression or substance abuse) as well as psychosocial conditions (e.g. family problems or stress related to work or professional liability difficulties). CPHP provides diagnostic evaluation, treatment referral as well as treatment monitoring and support services.

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