Mapleton Center

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services are located at:

311 Mapleton Avenue
P.O. Box 9130
Boulder, CO 80301-9130

(303) 441-0493

Call (303) 441-0506 to reach Pain Management.

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Inpatient Rehabilitation Services are located at:

Boulder Community Hospital
1100 Balsam Avenue
Boulder, CO  80304

(303) 440-2250

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Located within the Mapleton Center Campus:

Behavioral Health
Counseling services are available for adults and adolescents who are experiencing mental health problems or are suffering from alcohol or drug dependency. Call the 24-hour help line at (303) 441-0400.

The Mapleton Center offers comprehensive, outpatient rehabilitation services for individuals of all ages.  Its highly respected, accredited specialty programs include brain injury, neurologic and orthopedic rehabilitation, hand and upper extremity, chronic pain management, and pediatric rehabilitation. 

Sports Medicine
The Boulder Center for Sports Medicine provides care to athletes of all abilities from Olympians to weekend warriors. Services of the highly skilled staff include medical care and treatment, injury prevention and performance evaluation and enhancement.

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