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Nebraska Mom travels 182 miles to The Birth Center of Boulder for 3 childbirths

Nebraska Mom travels 182 miles to The Birth Center of Boulder for 3 childbirths

When first-time Nebraska mom Hope Glassburn was thinking about where to give birth, she knew she wanted a place that supported a natural, low-intervention, midwife-assisted childbirth. A hospital birth didn’t feel like the right fit. And, since certified nurse-midwives are not permitted to attend home births in Nebraska, Hope didn’t want to go that route either. That’s when she landed on a birth center — the perfect in-between. 

Birth centers are standalone birthing facilities for uncomplicated pregnancies and deliveries, typically staffed by a team of nurse-midwives. As women specialists, midwives believe that childbirth is a natural, normal process and embrace holistic approaches, which can include alternative and complementary therapies. A birth center is a great middle-ground option between a hospital and home birth. 

After doing some research, Hope learned that the closest birth center to her home in Sidney, Nebraska, was six hours away. 

Hope explains, “After realizing that birth centers in Nebraska weren't an option because they were too far from us, we began looking into Colorado. We’re right on the border, just 16 miles from the Colorado border, and discovered The Birth Center of Boulder, which would be about a three-hour drive.” 

Certified nurse-midwives at The Birth Center of Boulder (BCoB) — BCH’s freestanding birth center — are advanced practitioners with graduate education in women’s health care and midwifery. BCoB midwives provide comprehensive prenatal care, attend births and check up with mom and baby in the days and weeks after the birth. 

“From that first visit, it just felt like home. That’s what I wanted. I wanted it to not feel like a medical environment and feel more like home. But I didn’t necessarily want to go the home birth route. I was definitely that mom who wanted a professional in the room close by,” says Hope.  

birthing room at the birth center of boulderBCoB has a home-like environment yet is equipped with oxygen and infant resuscitation equipment, if necessary. If a serious complication arises, a smooth transfer to BCH’s Family Birth Center at Foothills Hospital can be made.  

“With our first baby, Henry, when I started feeling things, we headed out to Boulder,” Hope states. “My labor from start to finish was 30 hours, and the three-hour drive to the hospital wasn’t a big deal.” 

Hope valued BCoB’s model of care, which is more of partnership with shared decision-making. “The midwives become more like a personal friend, but they’re also educated and have knowledge to pass on to you.” She further adds, “Any decisions you have to make before birth or during birth, they’ll give you all your options and let you make an educated decision.” 

Her birth experience with her first child “was truly amazing,” which led to Hope returning to BCoB for the delivery of her other two sons: Dean and Miles. Her labor with Dean, from start to finish, was 12 hours and with Miles, 19 hours. “We had plenty of time to get to the birth center for all three deliveries,” she says. 

BCoB has many tools for support during birth. The private birthing rooms have bathtubs, birthing swings, stools, balls and more. The midwives also promote natural pain management such as waterbirths and positioning.

“I had a waterbirth with all three of my births, and it really helped as a natural pain reliever,” Hope says. “After my first birth, I knew that was the route I wanted to take with my other two as well.”  

Assuming all is well with mother and baby, BCoB encourages new families to rest at home as soon as possible. It’s common to be released a few hours after birth. 

“When I walked in there, I never felt stressed out or anxious,” says Hope. “And, the atmosphere is just different. It’s more homey. It’s more laid back. It’s just different — but in the best way.”