BCH Listens: BCH Cardiologist Nelson Trujillo, M.D., discusses the importance of listening to patients:

"Listening to patients is key to what we do," Dr. Trujillo said. "It’s the most important thing for me to be able to do my job well and to take great care of patients. Not only is it important for me to help people by listening to what their concern is about but it also helps me. Being an empathic listener returns the joy and love of caring for people. It’s actually the most important thing we do."

"We weren’t taught in medical school how to listen properly. I’m really fortunately that I had great mentors so one of the thing’s that’s so important and actually is a big part of the Boulder initiative is providing caregivers with mentors to learn how to listen well."

"My dad was a doctor and I grew up in a medical family and I have to say that he was an awesome listener! Spending time with him and others really gave me the skills to be a good listener."

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