Alessandro Testori, M.D.
Alessandro Testori M.D.

Alessandro Testori, M.D.

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Ordered 2 kinds of meds immediately instead of waiting to see how the initial suggestions worked. He said "narcotics" and I refused them; there has to be a gentler med for this problem I was having. Gave info about a specialty clinic that I thought could be used if needed but after initial interventions used.
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First time visit were excellent.
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This is the worst Dr I have ever met. He was an absolute disgrace to BCH. He had only my medication list in hand to talk with me a potential new patient. His only concerns were my weight, the amount of insulin I take. He did not want to hear why my insulin usage was so high. He kept saying that the program was the " amount of sugar I eat without knowing what I eat" He had the audacity to disrespect me about my weight but he out weighed me by at least 100 lbs. He was condescending, argumentative, and absolutely disrespectful. Someone needs to sit him down and discuss with him about his efforts to gain a new patient. He was probably the worst representative of BCH
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*Dr. Testori was direct, assessed my injury, made a decision as to treat, and stayed w/it. he was very certain about how to manage my injury. He explained his plan to me. I liked his approach & demeanor.
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I did not think the doctor listened to me. He had a preconceived idea of what was wrong. He was not very good at understanding that my problems could be different from what he thought and I had to argue to get blood work done. The blood work came back positive. So I was right. He then ordered more blood work. It is now over a week and a half and I have called twice and I still have not been given the results of the blood work. Unacceptable. This was to check for Lymphoma. It is important to know the results since the original blood test showed signs of an infection. It is now two weeks since my visit and I have not heard anything from the doctor. I am sorry but this shows a total lack of concern or respect to me the patient. It also may affect my health not receiving treatment because the doctor did not get back to me. If the test came back negative, it would be nice to know so I am not left wondering and worrying. And I called two times to try to get the results. Why am I not being called back? I am now going to have to drive to the office to try to get the results. I am beyond angry.
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