Bridget Winsor

Bridget Winsor Memorial Fund

Bridget Winsor lost her fierce battle with bipolar disorder on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017.

The disease affects so many people yet hides in the recesses of our society because we lack the ability as a culture to talk about it openly.

It is something that I hope, in Bridget’s memory, we can move out of the darkness.

In that spirit, Bridget’s wish was to ensure that others had better resources to deal with devastating effects of the disease.

In her honor, please give to the Mental Health Endowment so that we can ensure the resources are available to everyone in our community.

With Gratitude,

John, Harry and Charlie Winsor

Wally, Leslie, Susie and Mike

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BCH Mental Health Endowment

The BCH Foundation has established the Mental Health Endowment -- a fund supporting the mental well-being of our patients along the continuum of care, empowering them to strengthen and maintain their personal independence as they address their mental health. The endowment will create grants across four core priority areas:

1. TRANSITIONS (e.g., crisis stabilization, medications, assisted living accommodations, clothing and accessories, transportation)

2. TREATMENT (e.g., co-pay support, medication management, group therapy)

3. HEALTH & WELLNESS (e.g., integrative care, nutrition support, staff well-being)

4. EDUCATION (e.g., online navigation resources, community programs, BCH provider ongoing education)

Please donate now to the Mental Health Endowment. Donations may also be made by check to:

Boulder Community Health Foundation
(Bridget Winsor Memorial Fund)
P. O. Box 9019
Boulder, CO 80301

For more information please contact Grant Besser, President of the BCH Foundation at 303-415-5205 or