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Pregnancy Fitness Essentials and Pelvic Floor Health

Pregnancy Fitness Essentials and Pelvic Floor Health is a two-hour interactive class that gives moms-to-be valuable tools and evidence-based information about how to engage their muscles and move their changing bodies during pregnancy. Our instructors are physical therapists who specialize in obstetric and /or pelvic floor physical therapy.

Location: Live virtual class on the Webex platform. Access code provided after registration. (Look for an email the morning of class.)

Cost: $20 per class.


  • Posture and how it changes during pregnancy.
  • Learning how to activate and train your pelvic floor and supporting muscles
  • Tips on how to prevent musculoskeletal injury and pain
  • Education on body mechanics and positioning
  • How to exercise safely during pregnancy
  • Information on and management of diastasis recti (a seperation of the abdominal wall muscles-very common during and following pregnancy)
  • Information on perineal massage
  • Body positions to assist with labor
  • Overview of pregnancy support belts

Please wear comfortable clothing that allows for easy movement. Also, have space available for sitting and laying down to practice muscle activation and observing diastasis recti.

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