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Nutrition Workshops -- Online Virtual Meetings

To support your health and well-being we are offering bi-weekly nutrition webinars including live cooking demonstrations with nutritionist Conner Middelmann.

The presentations are offered via video conference (Zoom). You can use a computer, laptop or smart phone to log in. The cost per class is $10; scholarships are available (contact Conner). To register and pay online, please use this link: Once registered, you will be sent the Zoom link & password. All webinars run from 4.30 to 6.00PM Mountain Time.

January 4: Eat to Beat Cancer

While food alone can’t cure cancer, what you eat can support your health through treatment and beyond. At this workshop Conner will explain which dietary factors strengthen your body’s defenses against cancer and show you some delicious dishes containing them. A great introduction for anyone recently diagnosed with cancer or new to our webinar series.

Jan 18: Health Starts in the Gut. To best nourish your body, you need to be able to break down and absorb the food you eat. Moreover, the bacteria in your gut may support your body’s ability to fight cancer, so it’s important to keep these happy, too. Find out how you can optimize your digestion and gut health and ease some of the GI side-effects of cancer treatment. Demo of delicious dishes included.

Feb 1: Sugar, Carbs & Cancer: It’s Complicated. Sugar & refined carbohydrates can contribute to creating a biological environment in which cancer cells thrive; however, that doesn’t mean all carbs are bad. At this workshop Conner will discuss which carbohydrates to eat and which to avoid. She’ll also prepare some simple, tasty dishes to show you how easy it is to eat nutritious carbs.

Feb 22nd: Feeding and Exercising your Bones ! Join Conner and oncology board certified PT Brandy Whitney from BCH rehabilitation to learn about strengthening your bones through nutrition and exercise. Cancer and its treatments are major risk factors for bone loss and fractures, so come and learn how to strengthen your skeleton. Healthy bones need a wide range of nutrients – not just calcium! Discuss all this with Conner and Brandy. Then watch Conner make some delicious bone-nourishing dishes, and watch Brandy demonstrate some bone strengthening exercises.

Each workshop is made up of a roughly ½ hour PowerPoint presentation followed by a 1 hour live cooking demonstration. Conner will be happy to answer your questions during the webinar. Everyone who registers will be sent the recording of the session, Conner’s PowerPoint slides and her recipes, even if you weren’t able to attend the workshops in person.

Facilitator: Conner Middelmann, nutritionist and 20-year cancer survivor, is a passionate advocate of eating whole foods that aren't just healthy, but delicious, too. With her joyful and practical approach to nutrition – anchored in the Mediterranean diet – she will show you simple, tasty and affordable ways to boost your nutritional health. You can find out more about her

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