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Nutrition Workshops

To support your health and well-being we are offering bi-weekly nutrition webinars (including live cooking demonstrations) with nutritionist Conner Middelmann.

The presentations are offered via video conference (Zoom). You can use a computer, laptop or smart phone to log in. All presentations run from 4:30 to 6 p.m.

*Please register for the class you want below. Login information will be emailed to you once the class fee is paid.

Monday, July 20: Protein Power

Protein is essential for virtually every one of your body’s functions, including healthy muscle mass, bone strength and optimal brain function. People undergoing cancer treatment need adequate protein intakes to help them maintain muscle, prevent weight loss and support healthy immune function. Join this webinar to learn how to calculate your protein requirement and integrate high-quality protein into your diet.

Monday, July 27: Food Quality Matters

The more processed food we eat, the higher our risk of developing degenerative diseases like cancer, heart disease or diabetes. At this workshop we will look at two important nutritional concepts to help us improve the nutritional quality of our diets (without needing to spend more money): Nutrient density and dietary variety. Conner will show you how to make two nutrient-dense, seasonal, delicious dishes.

Monday, August 10: Brain Food

Some people undergoing cancer treatment experience thinking and memory problems that are often referred to as “chemo brain” or “chemo fog.” While these symptoms are linked to multiple factors, nutrition can help by supplying brain-supportive, anti-inflammatory nutrients to the brain. At this webinar Conner will tell you how food can support your brain and show you some delicious ways of doing so.

Monday, August 24: How to gain weight

Unintended weight loss is a common side-effect of cancer treatment. We look at the risks of being underweight and discuss strategies for preventing weight loss and regaining weight. Then Conner will show you some simple, tasty dishes to help you replenish your muscle tissue and fat stores.

Each workshop comprises a PowerPoint presentation followed by a live cooking demonstration. Conner will be happy to answer your questions throughout the webinar. After the session, Conner’s PowerPoint slides and recipes are sent to all participants via email.

Facilitator: Conner Middelmann, nutritionist and 20-year cancer survivor, is a passionate advocate of eating whole foods that aren't just healthy, but delicious, too. With her joyful and practical approach to nutrition – anchored in the Mediterranean diet – she will show you simple, tasty and affordable ways to boost your nutritional health.

Cost: $10 per patient

Inquiries: Email

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