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Advances in Treating Involuntary Tremors - Free Online Health Lecture

For about 7 million Americans involuntary tremors are a
constant problem. These tremors can interfere with just about
everything — getting dressed, drinking a cup of coffee, writing,
typing or using a cell phone. The trembling can be caused by
Parkinson’s disease, but more often it’s caused by essential
tremor, a benign and typically inherited condition.

Hear board-certified neurosurgeon Kara Beasley, DO, describe the
symptoms of essential tremor and the latest treatments, including
MR-guided focused ultrasound — a new, incisionless treatment.



BCH 1st in Colorado to offer focused ultrasound treatment

New MR-guided focused ultrasound offers a non-invasive alternative to deep brain stimulation for treating essential tremor.

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