BCH's Family Birth Center now offers nitrous oxide relief to laboring moms.

BCH's Family Birth Center is now offering nitrous oxide relief to laboring moms. Our patients asked for a nitrous oxide option and we heard them!

Nitrous oxide relief at BCH is self administered by the laboring mom – she has complete control.

Women can remain up and moving at the bedside while using nitrous, as long as there is someone to help steady them.

Nitrous can also be used for IV starts and other labor and delivery procedures.

Using nitrous oxide does not require additional fetal monitoring and there are no known effects for the baby.

BCH nurses in the Family Birth Center have special training to assist laboring moms using nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is one of many options and choices laboring moms have at the Family Birth Center. We also offer moms hot tubs, birthing balls and more.

We want women to feel very comfortable to move around freely in labor. Once the baby arrives, the Family Birth Center uniquely offers a family bed so everyone can rest comfortably together. We also offer breastfeeding support, a new moms support group that meets weekly and more.

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