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  • Red Lipstick Fund

    The Red Lipstick Fund was created by three Boulder women -- Helayne Jones, Anne Beer and Fran Ryan -- who listened to their friend, Marsha Moritz, relate stories about the intense difficulty cancer patients faced in navigating through their treatment with limited resources. Marsha would ask, “How can they do it -- getting to and from chemo, picking up drugs, taking care of home chores, keeping appointments -- without funds and personal support?”

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  • Breast Cancer Fund

    The Breast Cancer Fund assists breast cancer patients undergoing treatment. Patients like Mercedes Alvarez. “They told us that the financial side of things should be the least of our considerations. We needed to worry about treating the cancer and not worry about what was going to happen to us financially because of the cancer,” says Greg Bowles, Mercedes’ husband.

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  • Cancer Care Fund

    The Cancer Care Fund covers the cost of many types of treatment for cancer patients who are un- or underinsured.

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  • Integrative Care Fund

    The Integrative Care Fund covers the cost of alternative therapies for cancer patients who are un- or underinsured, ensuring they have access to massage therapy, reiki, meditation, acupuncture and more.

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  • Pediatric Rehabilitation Fund

    The Pediatric Rehabilitation Fund is for families of children receiving rehabilitation treatment at BCH. Patients like Jordan Marshall, who suffered a massive stroke before she was even born. The damage was so extensive doctors didn't know whether she would ever walk, talk or see. Years later, Jordan has made incredible progress. She participates fully in school and excels academically.

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  • Behavioral Health Fund

    The Behavioral Health Fund helps behavioral health patients transition from treatment back to the community. This fund has helped patients with housing, medical costs, outpatient counseling costs and more.

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  • Other

    The people who make up Boulder Community Health -- doctors, nurses and other staff -- impact people’s lives in multiple ways. Donors use this fund to recognize a particular area, program or individual.

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  • May Madness 2017

    Proceeds go toward injured Boulder Valley School District athletes who may not be able to afford the full cost of their healthcare treatment. Your support helps these athletes access state-of-the-art healthcare facilities and providers at BCH and CU Sports Medicine and relieves financial stress on their families.

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