We Invite You to Become

Part of Our Friendly Caring Team  

Volunteers from all walks of life and every local community choose to give their time and energy to Boulder Community Health.

Why Volunteer?

  • Enrich the lives of others
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction
  • Put your talents and experience to work for a good cause
  • Become part of a friendly, caring team
  • Explore possible healthcare careers

These are some of the reasons our active volunteers give their time to Boulder Community Health. Men and women, ages 14 to 90 plus, contribute positively to life at BCH. You, too, can choose from a multitude of jobs that suit your interests and provide a change of pace from your daily routine. Think about joining our team of 890 active and enthusiastic volunteers. You won’t regret it.

All volunteers must be at least 14 years old.

Please email volunteers@bch.org or call 303-415-7800 to request a Volunteer Application Form.


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