Who are the Ambassadors?

The Boulder Community Health Ambassadors is a group of more than 290 men and women who use their creativity and energy to raise money to benefit patients at Boulder Community Health.

Members are also advocates for BCH, building support throughout the community for our non-profit health care system.

The group is self-governing. Its board meets once a month with hospital administrators to set future directions and plan activities.

Serving on the board or on one of the Ambassadors’ committees offers a chance to participate in an activity of interest to you.  You may also gain valuable leadership skills while donating valuable service to BCH and the community.

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Where the Money Goes

Boulder Community Health Ambassadors’ projects improve both the quality of care and the physical environment at the Foothills Hospital and its campuses. The Ambassadors purchase life-saving equipment, provides funds for patients’ medical care and rehabilitation, and acquires artwork and furniture for new hospital units and artwork that is displayed in public and patient ares of the hospital campuses.

In addition, the Ambassadors have raised and donated more than $2 million to help the hospital add vital services and construct facilities such as the Cancer Care Center, the Radiation Therapy Center and the Mobile Mammography Van.

The Ambassadors have also raised thousands of dollars for children needing rehabilitation; to provide medical treatment for women with breast cancer who could not otherwise afford life-saving care; rehabilitation services to cancer patients; and BCH rehabilitation programs for stroke survivors so they can reclaim productive lives.

Each year the Ambassadors awards $50,000 in scholarships to local high school graduates and hospital employees to further their education in health-related fields.

Personal Touch

Ambassador members also provide a personal touch for hospital patients.  

Providing hand knit caps and booties for needy families, knit booties for all babies born at the hospital, knit comfort shawls for cancer patients going through chemotherapy and plush animals for surgery patients are among the many other ways the BCH Ambassadors support our patients. 

To Join

If you are interested in joining the dynamic team of men and women who comprise the Boulder Community Health Ambassadors, please call 303-415-7813.

Scholarship Application

The Boulder Community Health Ambassadors proudly sponsor an annual Health Care Scholarship Program. The program supports outstanding high school seniors in the community who wish to pursue an advanced degree in a health sciences related field and BCH employees who have been accepted or are furthering their health care education. Degree programs must be at Colorado educational institutions.

Scholarship amounts range from $500 to $3,000. The funds are applied toward tuition and fees and are paid directly to the college or university.

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