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Before traveling abroad, you should take special care to protect your health. The Worldwide Travel Medicine Clinic has the resources and accurate medical information to help you travel safely. 

Please fill out the following forms prior to your visit.  For more details on these forms see Patient Guide to Visits.

Our travel program is unable to accept or bill insurance for travel services. The clinic accepts cash, check or MasterCard/VISA.

Clinic Services

See us for:

  • Practical advice on avoiding illnesses related to food, water and insects.
  • Prescriptions for treating common travel-related ailments or infections.
  • Guidance on traveling with a chronic or serious medical condition.
  • Travel vaccinations, including Yellow Fever vaccine.
  • Up-to-date information on international health alerts.

Safeguarding your health means understanding country-specific health hazards. We will provide you with a personalized travel packet including information from a reputable database. We will discuss the pros and cons of medications and vaccines suggested or required for your destination. You can learn ways to avert common complications that can ruin a trip, such as altitude sickness or jet lag.

We can also review your medical record to ensure that you are up to date with your routine shots and administer any specialized vaccinations required or recommended for the area you plan to visit.

Expert Staff

The clinic is part of Boulder Community Health and staffed by respected and experienced travel health professionals from the Beacon Center for Infectious Diseases. The medical director of the Travel Clinic is Arathi Rao, MD, who is board certified in infectious diseases and internal medicine.

Contact Us

The Worldwide Travel Clinic is located at 4800 Riverbend Road, Suite 200, Boulder, Colorado, across the street from Foothills Hospital.

For questions and appointments, call 303-415-8850.  

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