Zara Frankel, MD

Zara Frankel, MDA strong proponent of preventative medicine, Dr. Frankel consistently strives to provide the latest techniques in family medical treatment to her patients.

Dr. Frankel is a board certified family practice physician and a member of the American and Colorado Academies of Family Practice, as well as the American Medical Association. She has practiced medicine in Colorado since 2000.

In her spare time, Dr. Frankel gets out and enjoys the wealth of activities the Rocky Mountains have to offer, including hiking, skiing and camping. While at home, she practices yoga and spends time on her passion of painting.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Frankel, please call 303-441-2347.

Table Mesa Family Medicine
Foothills Medical Campus
Reynolds Family Medical Building
1755 48th Street
Boulder, Colorado 80303
Tel. 303-494-5263
Fax: 303-494-5265



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