Leto Quarles, MD 

Leto Quarles, MDBoard-certified family physician Dr. Leto Quarles joined Table Mesa Family Medicine in August 2012, bringing with her a rich array of experience.  Dr. Leto began her adventures in life born into the melting pot of New York City and grew up amidst a wealth of diverse cultures throughout the eastern U.S. – even her name is a reflection of both her Greek and Russian heritages.

After an undergraduate Biomedical Engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, she soon realized that her true fascination and passion was for people and the human relationships she would find in clinical practice.  She went on to medical school at Ross University on the Caribbean island of Dominica, where she experienced the beauty of a pristine tropical volcanic island, the awe of several hurricanes, the struggles and hospitality of native Carib Indian and Afro-Caribbean communities and the birth of her son. 

Graduating in 1998, she completed her residency at the University of Illinois in Rockford and then continued with advanced surgical and high-risk obstetrics training at the University of Utah, where she first fell in love with the Rocky Mountains. 

Dr. Leto continued her adventures, working in community health clinics, teaching hospitals and even urgent care.  At the same time, she researched and lectured on social justice in health care around the world, and volunteered on international medical and teaching projects in the developing world, including long-lasting ties to Boulder's sister-city of Dushanbe, Tajikistan.  She ultimately made the Boulder area her permanent home in 2007.

Dr. Leto's philosophy is that wellness is a balance of fulfillment of the body, heart, mind and spirit, and that we always have the possibility to expand our well-being under any circumstances and in any phase of life, if we are willing to take on the serious work of living consciously and intentionally.  Dr. Leto is honored to serve as your consultant-guide anywhere along this journey, and commits to working as hard for her patients as they work for themselves.  Dr. Leto recognizes that her own expertise is in allopathic Western medicine, but welcomes the opportunity to collaborate with and learn from practitioners of healing arts of all traditions.

When she is not healing others, Dr. Leto enjoys healing herself through painting, poetry, listening to eclectic music, riding her bicycle and celebrating the wonders and mysteries of Life with her Jewish Renewal community.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Leto Quarles, please call 303-441-2347.

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