Ebola Information

How is BCH protecting patients, staff and our community from Ebola?

Our highest priority is safeguarding our patients, our staff and our community from the Ebola virus. We want to reassure you that all precautions are in place at BCH for Ebola and any other infectious disease.

Screening and Precautions

The physicians, nurses and other clinical staff at BCH have a depth of experience and expertise in treating patients with serious infectious diseases. Our infectious disease physicians and Infection Prevention Department have developed plans that meet or exceed Centers for Disease Control (CDC) & Prevention recommendations regarding the prevention and treatment of Ebola infection.

Staff in our Emergency Department, Urgent Care Center and BCH owned-and-operated clinics, along with registration and scheduling staff in other hospital departments, are screening all patients for their travel history and specific symptoms.

BCH is prepared to follow all CDC protocols and precautions for any suspected Ebola patients, including:

  • Isolating patients with Ebola or Ebola-like symptoms from other patients and non-essential staff.
  • Wearing protective clothing, including masks, gloves, gowns, and eye protection.
  • Practicing proper infection control and sterilization measures.
  • Notifying local and state health officials if anyone has direct contact with the blood or body fluids, such as but not limited to, feces, saliva, urine, vomit, and semen of a person who is sick with Ebola.

General information

Q&A on transmission

More information

  • Colorado’s Ebola hotline: 303-389-1687 or 1-877-462-2911
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: www.cdc.gov/Ebola 
  • Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment: Colorado.gov/Ebola




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