1) What if I didn’t get an invitation to create an account?
Make sure to check your junk/spam email for a message from or If you do not find the invitation, email

If you have a “HealthKey” account through another doctor’s office login to MyBCH Clinics using the same username and password. Then search for your BCH clinic and add us to your existing HealthKey account. 

2) I created a MyBCH Clinics account but when I logged in for the first time, I was asked to re-enter much of that same personal information. Was my information lost?
No.  When you enter your information to create an account, the data you provide is matched against what is on file in your medical record as a security measure. Once the information has been verified, your account is established.  Creating your profile when you log into MyBCH Clinics for the first time is a separate process and you will be asked for that information again.  Once your profile is created, your information will be saved for future visits. Anytime you make changes to your profile (address, phone number, etc) MyBCH will send your clinic notification that your information has been updated.

3) How long should I wait to hear back on a request or message placed through MyBCH Clinics?
Our clinics work very hard to respond as quickly as possible to let you know when your request has been received. Then depending on the nature of the request a response could take up to two (2) business days. Keep in mind that most of our clinics are closed on the weekends, so a message sent at the end of the day Friday, or over the weekend, may not be addressed until Monday.

4) Sometimes I can reply to my provider’s messages and sometimes I cannot -- why?
If you send a message to your Care Team using the “Message your Provider” option, MyBCH Clinics functions just like a typical email system. You and your Care Team can make multiple responses within the same message thread. However, if a member of your Care Team sends a message to you and you would like to respond, you will need to do so by initiating a new message using the “Message Your Provider” option. 

5) How do I find the login page for MyBCH Clinics?
There are several ways you can log in to your MyBCH Clinics account:

a) Type the URL into the address bar of your internet browser.

b) Visit the Boulder Community Health homepage at  Look in our Quick Links section -- located halfway down on the right hand side of the page -- for a link to the MyBCH Online Service.

6) I have enabled cookies for the Boulder Community Health website but I am still receiving an error message that tells me  I need to enable cookies.
The MyBCH Clinics online service is provided by a third party vendor called Medfusion. If your privacy settings do not accept third party cookies, you may receive an error message.  You can either adjust your privacy settings to allow third party cookies or you will need to allow cookies from

7) How do I update my preferred clinic and/or preferred provider?
To update your account and ensure your requests go to the right provider, please log in to your MyBCH Clinics account and click the “My Account” option located in the top right corner of the page. Select the Preferences tab and choose your Preferred Location and Preferred Provider from the drop-down menus provided.  Please double check that you have selected the correct clinic for your provider. (That information is located on your PCP card). Click the “Submit” button to save your changes. This ensures your requests are delivered to the correct  provider/clinic.

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