Boulder Community Health's
Live Better Primary Care Clinics

Boulder Community Health's owned-and-operated primary care clinics are pleased to offer Live Better, a more personal and coordinated approach to medical care.

Guided by the philosophy of a national health care movement known as Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH), Live Better makes you the central focus of a dedicated Care Team led by your primary card provider, working with you to meet your health needs.

What are the benefits of the Live Better approach to care?
In our clinics, you will experience:

  • Personalized, team-based care led by your primary care provider and supported by your Care Team
  • A collaborative approach that makes you a full partner in your health care
  • Coordination of care across our network of BCH specialists, clinics and hospitals
  • Expanded access to care through same-day appointments and our After Hours Nurse Call Line
  • Enhanced communication with your Care Team by phone and online

Who is on my Care Team?
Your Care Team starts with you. It includes:

  • Your doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant
  • A medical assistant or nurse
  • Our front desk staff

A care coordinator is available to assist you if you have been admitted to the hospital and require support after discharge. A care coordinator may also assist you in managing your ongoing health needs. Working together, your Care Team will:

  • Partner with you to create, manage and fulfill your personal health care goals
  • Coordinate your care both in the clinic and throughout our network of specialists and services
  • Educate you on your health conditions and your options for care

How do I get the most from Live Better?
In order to get the most benefit from our Live Better approach, it is important to be an active member of your Care Team. Here are some ways you can do this:

  • Bring a list of concerns/questions to each appointment
  • Speak openly with your Care Team and ask them to explain anything you do not understand
  • Provide a complete list of medications, vitamins and herbal remedies you use
  • Inform your Care Team when you go to an Emergency Department, hospital, urgent care or skilled nursing facility
  • When you see a specialist, urgent or emergency care facility or other provider, present your Live Better Primary Care Provider (PCP) card. Ask them to forward a copy of the clinic notes and test results to your primary care provider.

Live Better Primary Care Provider (PCP) Card
Your Live Better Primary Care Provider (PCP) card is an important information card that we would like you to keep with your insurance card. Please present this card wherever you obtain medical services.

The goal of the PCP card is to ensure that your Care Team has up-to-date information on your medical condition, such as:

  • Consultations from specialists
  • Lab results
  • Summaries from your clinic visits
  • X-rays
  • Any information we should knw about your medical history

After Hours Nurse Call Line
If you would like to speak with one of our nurses after hours, call your clinic's main number (located on your Live Better PCP card) and select the "On call" option. Our nurses can answer questions, provide self-care tips and help you decide whether to seek immediate medical care. This free service is provided to all of our established patients. 

For contact information, here are links to our Live Better family medicine clinics and internal medicine clinics.


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