Family Medicine Clinics

Family practice physicians handle a wide variety of medical problems and care for patients of all ages, often as a family group. This approach allows for continuity of care for the individual and integrated care for the family as a whole.  Training for family practice doctors includes obstetrics, gynecology and pediatrics, among other areas.

Following is a list of BCH owned-and-operated family medicine clinics:

Boulder Creek Family Medicine
(formerly Table Mesa Family Medicine)
Foothills Medical Campus

1755 48th Street, Suite 200
Boulder, Colorado 80303


William Burton, M.D.

Jason Cannell, D.O.

Zara Frankel, M.D.

Stephanie Hess, M.D. 

Leto Quarles, M.D.

Nina Vergari Rogers, M.D.

Mark Wisner, D.O.

Nancy Engellenner, N.P.

Sue Griffith, PA-C

Christine Obermaier, FNP-C


Dakota Ridge Family Medicine
2995 Baseline Road, Suite 210
Boulder, CO 80303


Alyssa Carlson, M.D.

(Trey) William Dodson III, M.D.

Daniel Hadley, M.D.

Shahla Mousavi, M.D.

Lise Muzny, M.D., Ph.D.

Melissa Berghoff, PA-C

Kirsten Kuhn, PA-C

Ashley Soni, N.P.


Family Medical Associates
Community Medical Center Building
1000 W. South Boulder Road, Suite 110
Lafayette, Colorado 80026


Herman Damek, M.D.

Susan Duiker, M.D.

Lucina Kidd, D.O.

Mira Lee, M.D.

Shawn Otteman, D.O.

Sharon Pittenger, M.D.

Kristen Royer, M.D.

Carolyn Sanders, M.D.

Gunbarrel Family Medicine
6685 Gunpark Drive East, Suite 110
Boulder, Colorado 80301


Jillian Horner, M.D. 

Shane A. Juenemann, M.D.

M. Corey McCarty, D.O.

Joanna Plonska, M.D. 

Anna Rooney, M.D.

Carrie Smith, FNP-C

Northwest Family Medicine
500 Discovery Parkway, Suite 150
Superior, Colorado 80027


David Apple, D.O.

Gary Grasmick, M.D. 

Leif Redal, M.D. 

Alyssa Richardson, PA-C

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