Community Medical Associates

The Community Medical Associates clinics are owned and operated by Boulder Community Health. CMA was established to maintain a strong base of primary care physicians in the Boulder Valley. The organization has evolved over time to meet the changing needs of local citizens, and now encompasses a wider range of physician specialties. CMA clinics are located across Boulder County and recently started operations in Broomfield. All CMA clinics accept Medicare in recognition of the BCH’s ongoing commitment to local seniors.

Boulder Heart

Family Medicine
Boulder Creek Family Medicine
(formerly Table Mesa Family Medicine)

Dakota Ridge Family Medicine

Family Medical Associates of Lafayette 

Gunbarrel Family Medicine

Northwest Family Medicine

General Surgery
Boulder Valley Surgical Associates of BCH

Holistic Medicine
Holistic Family Medicine

Infectious Disease/AIDS
Beacon Center for Infectious Disease

Internal Medicine
Frontier Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Associates of Boulder

Internal Medicine Associates at Buffalo Ridge

Internal Medicine Associates of Foothills

Internal Medicine Associates of Lafayette

Spruce Street Internal Medicine

Christopher A. Trojanovich, MD, MPH

Associated Neurologists

Occupational Medicine
BCH Occupational Health & Therapy Services

Pain Management
BCH Pain Management Services

Pulmonary Services
Boulder Valley Pulmonology of BCH

BCH Rehabilitation Services

Travel Medicine
Worldwide Travel Medicine

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