Pediatric Surgery

We know the thought of your child having surgery is stressful for your child and you as parents. Our physicians and nurses will help prepare you and your child for the upcoming experience and give you helpful coping strategies. We want to assure you that in providing care, we are sensitive to your child's understanding of the situation and always take into account his or her age and level of development. In addition, we put emphasis on providing parents with useful, reliable information and support.

We welcome your questions, big or small, so please feel free to ask. We wish to make your child's surgical experience as comfortable and positive as possible. Call the following numbers if you have questions:

Pre-surgery testing              720-854-7809
Surgery reception                720-854-7820
Pre-registration                   720-854-5318
Pediatric nursing floor          720-854-7238

On the left of this page are links to websites that help parents and children prepare for a child's surgery.

CLICK HERE for a video to help you, the parent, understand what your child will experience undergoing anesthesia, and your role in this process.

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