Medical Information Policies


  • Health care practitioners who treat you at any of Boulder Community Health’s locations, including employees,volunteers, and members of the Hospital Medical Staff,
  • All departments and operating units of our organization,
  • All medical practices operated by the Boulder Community Health (“BCH”).

Rather than have you read and sign different notices for each health care practitioner that treats you at each of our operating locations, this Joint Notice of Privacy Practices describes the privacy practices followed by all our practitioners, other members of our workforce, and our business associates.

Unless your physician is affiliated with one of the BCH medical practices, this notice does not apply to the use and disclosure of your medical information in connection with treatment you receive at your physician’s office. Your personal physician may have different policies regarding your medical information and may provide you with a separate notice. If your physician is affiliated with one of the BCH medical practices, this notice will apply to your medical information created or maintained at that office.

Your Medical Information
This notice refers to your “medical information”. This means all information that identifies you and relates to your past, present or future physical or mental health or condition including information about payment and billing for the health care services you receive.




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