Online Services

Boulder Community Health is a non-profit, independent community health network that has served the people of the Boulder area for more than 90 years.

From this section you can access many online website features easily but first you must click a link below to login or create an account.

Create or login to a MyBCH Clinics account or a MyBCH Health Services Account

Create or login into an account to pay a hospital bill online.

Create or login into an account to register or pay for classes, wellness events and services.

Why Create an Account?

Boulder Community Health cares about your privacy, and the security of a login process is critical to protecting information you share with us.

CLICK HERE for Important Security Information Regarding Online Accounts

Don't Want to Create an Account? 

No worries. You can still access most pages and features of the website. You just will not be able to exchange personal information with us. But you can create an account ANY time if you change your mind. 

You do not need to register to sign up to receive e-mails for events, classes, and special events. Just CLICK HERE.


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