Patient Education Resources

Preventive Care Resources
Colorectal Cancer Screening
Click here for the CDC's screening guidelines.

Depression Resources
Click here for online depression resources.

Diabetes Resources
Click here for online diabetes resources.

Hypertension Resources

Click here for online hypertension resources.

Immunization Information Resources

Click here for online immunization information resouces.

Tobacco Cessation Resources

Click here for online tobacco cessation resources.

Other Important Online Health Resources
Low Income Dental Care

Colorado Indigent Care Program
Women's Wellness Connection will provide breast and cervical cancer screenings.

Colorado Colorectal Screening Program
CCSP is only providing FIT/FOBT testing to urban patients. They are still offering endoscopic screening to rural patients.  

The Grace Health Clinic
Can see CICP patients for nephrology as well as allergy, asthma, and immunology.

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