Orthopedic Rehabilitation

The most comprehensive collection of rehabilitation services in the Boulder Valley is conveniently located at Boulder Community Health.

We evaluate and treat individuals of all ages. Patients benefit from a full range of services available to both inpatients and outpatients. These can include physical, speech and occupational therapies, counseling, case management and nursing.

Most orthopedic patients can take advantage of outpatient rehabilitation services while they continue their recovery at home. Through Boulder Community, patients have two distinct options for outpatient rehabilitation, the BCH Neurologic and Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.

Some patients require more intensive rehabilitation and qualify for transfer to the hospital's inpatient rehabilitation program. This comprehensive program features three hours per day of the appropriate therapies. Other patients can be transferred to a skilled nursing facility for services there.

Once patients can function independently and safely, they return home and continue rehabilitation from there. If they are homebound, they can take advantage of the registered nurses, therapists and home health aides provided by Boulder Community HomeCare.









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