Navigating MyBCH

1) What are the available components of MyBCH Health Services?
Your MyBCH Health Services account includes the following components.

  • Homepage: View new activity on your account and your recent visits.
  • Health Record: View information from core parts of your electronic health record (e.g. allergies, lab results, radiology reports, medication lists, visit history, etc.). These are available for you to review, print for other providers, or to keep for your records.
  • Medications: View your most recent medications entered by your physician or clinical staff.
  • Appointments: View upcoming and pending appointments.
  • Profile: View your demographic information, insurance and personal contacts. This section also allows you to request updates regarding demographic data such as mailing address and emergency contacts.
  • Preferences: View and request updates to your MyBCH Health Services communication preferences. This section also allows you to review if you have proxy access set up for another user’s account.
  • Terms and Conditions: View the Terms and Conditions. All users are required to accept these to access MyBCH Health Services.
  • Contact Us: Send a secure message to BCH staff.


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