1) What if I need to make or cancel an appointment?
Appointment cancellations cannot be sent through MyBCH Health Services. To schedule, reschedule or cancel an appointment, please call our Scheduling Department at 303-415-5170.

2) How do I view past and upcoming appointments?
You can see your last three visits on the Home Page. If you want to see additional past visits, click on “Health Record,” then choose “Visit History.” Click on the “Appointments” tab to access upcoming appointments.

3) What is a pending appointment?
A pending status on an appointment indicates that we have received an order for a test, but an appointment has not been made. If you have questions about a pending appointment, please call the Scheduling Department at 303-415-5170.

4) What is the “appointment duration” meant to indicate?
Appointment duration is an estimate and does not include pre and post appointment care.

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