Applying for Medical or AHP Staff Membership

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Medical Staff / Allied Health Staff at Boulder Community Health. Our goal is to provide physicians with an ideal environment to practice medicine that is efficient, effective, safe and healing. Applications for medical staff membership and privileges at BCH, along with supplementary forms and documents, are available online at the links below.

Minimum Qualifications

The Medical Staff Bylaws (section 2.2) describe minimum qualifications for membership. If upon review of your initial application, it is determined you do not meet the minimum qualifications for membership and privileges, your application will not be processed.

Application Materials


Allied Health Professional

Community Based Reappointment


Send completed applications to:

BCH Medical Staff Department
P.O. Box 9019
Boulder, CO 80301-9019


Medical Staff Sponsored Students

school affiliation agreement must be in place to participate in a BCH medical staff sponsored rotation at a BCH facility. An application must also be completed, signed, and submitted to the medical staff office along with all described supporting documentation.

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