Special Care Nursery

Our special care nursery was the first of its kind in the United States. We have created a special environment in which premature infants or those with medical needs can grow and gain weight faster, become strong enough to breathe on their own, and go home from the hospital sooner with more confident parents.

Design That Makes The Difference

Rather than having one nursery where all the babies receive care, we have family suites. Each suite has a private, specially equipped room for your infant and an adjoining bedroom for parents.

This design allows you to be near your baby at all times and join in his or her care, ask questions and learn from the neonatal staff. We want parents to gain confidence in handling, feeding, stimulating, and nurturing your baby.


Our nurses are specially trained to provide care that is developmentally appropriate to each infant. In our Special Care Nursery, around-the-clock medical care is provided by your family's pediatrician, family practitioners, neonatal nurse practitioners, other BCH clinical staff, and neonatology physicians from Denver’s renowned Children’s Hospital. Your baby’s care team also has lactation consultants, neonatal assessment team members, social workers, a music care therapist, and hospital chaplain.

The Physical Environment

Everything from low lighting and noise levels, to home-like privacy and easy access to staff, is structured to help your baby grow and develop.

This comfortable environment makes it easier for family members to visit. And, if mom is discharged from the hospital before the baby, you are welcome to stay in your room as a parent boarder as long as necessary.

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