Services for the Public

Phlebotomy Services

BCHL offers phlebotomy (blood drawing) and specimen collection services at all our service centers. In addition, BCHL supports the community by offering affordable health screening at local health fairs. Services provided include specimen collection, processing, testing, and direct reporting.

Use the links on the left on this page to view locations, hours, and services provided at our service centers. No appointments are required and your specimen(s) can be collected regardless of insurance company. If BCHL is unable to test your specimen due to insurance contracting reasons, we can forward your specimen on to a contracted testing site.

Lab Tests Online

An excellent resource for both patients and caregivers to understand the many clinical lab tests that are used for routine care and the diagnosis and treatment of many diseases is Lab Tests Online.


Carent is a group of Colorado hospital laboratories, including BCHL, as well as Mayo Medical Laboratories, that have formed an alliance so that we can bring in advanced technology to your local hospital laboratories and negotiate with managed care providers so that your tests can be done in your community.

For Carent billing inquiries, contact 1-877-746-7097.


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