Services for Physicians

The Reference Lab Manager is available to coordinate a complete program of laboratory services especially designed to meet your specific needs. The Reference Lab Manager communicates with client staff and provides and acts as a liaison between BCHL and its valued physician clients.


Specimen collection and transport supplies are distributed to our physician clients by BCHL.  These include microbiology swabs, specialized transport media, transport bags, order requisitions, tissue and cytology specimen supplies, vacutainer tubes, and needles. These supplies are used expressly for the collection of specimens sent to BCHL for testing.


Courier Services

BCHL contracts with Emergency Courier Services. They pick up specimens from physician offices and hospitals throughout Boulder County and northeastern Colorado, are OSHA trained, keep specimens in a refrigerated or frozen state as required to maintain optimal specimen integrity, and deliver specimen collection supplies as needed. BCHL also employs two foot couriers that service our physician clients in the area immediately surrounding the Broadway hospital campus.

LabNews Update

The LabNews Update is a newsletter that is periodically sent to our physician clients. It is a tool to maintain good communication between our laboratory and your doctor, offering new test information, testing updates, department highlights, regulatory news and managed care and contracting updates.

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