Self-Pay Pricing for Lab Services

Boulder Community Health offers uninsured patients special pricing on routine laboratory tests.  Below is a price list for the 30 most commonly ordered tests available at each of our eight locations.  If you are interested in the price of tests not listed below, please call the laboratory customer service center at 303-440-2315.

Please note: to access self-pay pricing, a patient must sign a waiver acknowledging insurance will not be billed.  Medical insurance billing prices are not reflected in this price list.

 ALT (SGPT)  $8
 AST (SGOT)  $8
 Bilirubin, Total  $8
 Basic Metabolic Panel (BMP)  $12
 Complete Blood Count  $10
 Comprehensive Metabolic Panel  $15
 Creatinine, Urine Random  $8
 CRP  $8
 Estridiol (Estrogen)  $40
 Fecal Occult Blood (FOBT)  $23
 Ferritin  $20
 Folate  $21
 Glucose  $6
 Hemoglobin A1C  $14
 Lipid Panel  $19
 Liver Function Panel (LFT)  $12
 Microalbumin, Urine  $9 
 Protime (PT)  $6
 PSA Total  $27
 Sed Rate (ESR)  $4
 T4, Free  $12
 Testosterone, Total  $37
 Throat Culture (Strep)  $10
 TSH  $24 
 Urinalysis  $4
 Urine Culture  $12
 Vitamin B12  $22
 Vitamin D, 25-OH  $42
 VAP  $66



























If we need to draw your blood for a test, that procedure costs $5.

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