Bradley Fanestil, MD

FanestilAn expert at treating hypertension, diabetes and cardiovascular disease, Dr. Fanestil welcomes patients with hard-to-treat problems. He prefers prevention over treatment, and works with his patients to identify lifestyle adjustments that can positively impact their medical problems, allowing them to live healthier lives with fewer medications.

Dr. Fanestil received his medical degree from the University of Kansas, and completed his residency at University of California Los Angeles. He has been practicing medicine in the Boulder area since 1992. He is board certified in Internal Medicine.

Dr. Fanestil lives in Boulder with his wife and three children. He enjoys skiing, reading and writing, and thinks Ralph Waldo Emerson is the bomb.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Fanestil, please call 303-415-4015.

Internal Medicine Associates of Foothills
4820 Riverbend Road
Boulder, CO 80301



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