How We Help

Over the past three years, Foundation grants to hospital departments and health care services have exceeded $2,500,000 annually.

Supporting Diverse Needs
The Foundation uses donations it receives to support a number of diverse needs, such as:

  • The expanded Foothills Hospital Campus 
  • The Anderson Medical Center
  • The Tebo Cancer Center
  • Diabetes education for those who cannot afford to access the service
  • Pediatric rehabilitation services and scholarships
  • State-of the art medical technology
  • Scholarships for nurses and therapists
  • Cardiac services
  • Charity care
  • Brain Injury and Concussion Prevention
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • The hospital’s International medical missions to Mante, Mexico
  • Fulfilling unmet community healthcare needs

Supporting People in Need

Helping Cancer Patients Through the
Red Lipstick Fund



The creation of the Red Lipstick Fund was the brainstorm of three Boulder women—Helayne Jones, Anne Beer and Fran Ryan—who listened to their friend, Marsha Moritz, relate stories about the intense difficulty cancer patients had navigating through their treatment with limited resources.

Marsha would ask, “How can they do it—getting to and from chemo, picking up drugs, navigating the myriad of home chores, keeping appointments—without funds and personal support?” Marsha, who passed away from breast cancer in September 2010, was a role model for dignity, an inspiration and an advocate for helping those in need.

Helayne, Anne and Fran decided to act on Marsha’s inspiration and founded the Red Lipstick Fund, so named because Marsha always wore red lipstick. The mission of the Foundation-supported Red Lipstick Fund is to offer financial assistance to those in need and receiving treatment for cancer at the Tebo Cancer Center and Foothills Hospital. Gifts from the fund pay for such things as medication, shelter and access to food and heat—so there’s one less thing for a cancer patient to worry about.

Breast Cancer Patient Receives Help

Mercedes Alvarez had breast cancer but couldn’t afford needed diagnostic services and treatments.  She found financial help through the BCH Foundation and the BCH Ambassadors.   
“They told us that the financial side of things should be the least of our considerations. We needed to worry about treating the cancer and not worry about what was going to happen to us financially because of the cancer,” said Greg Bowles, Mercedes’ husband.


Ensuring Stroke Survivors Have Access to a Comprehensive Range of Rehabilitation Services

Jordan Marshall's story


Jordan Marshall suffered a massive stroke in utero, which means she had a stroke before she was even born. The damage was so extensive that doctors didn't know whether she would ever walk, talk or see.

Now 8 years old, Jordan has made incredible progress. She participates fully in school and excels academically. Despite some physical challenges, Jordan rides a bike, runs, skis and climbs.

“We really feel so fortunate to live in a place where we have access to the quality of care at BCH and the Mapleton Center,” says Kathryn Marshall, Jordan’s mother. “We feel like we are getting top-notch treatment and that has been a big part of why Jordan is doing so well today.”

Watch Jordan's video and learn about her progress through the help of BCH's rehabilitation services for children.

Eddie Gomez's story


After a devastating stroke, Eddie Gomez never thought he would walk again. His entire right side was paralyzed.

Almost immediately, nurses and therapists began working with Eddie on BCH's Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit. Eddie remembers his second day of rehab well.

"I remember how my physical therapist got me to walk. I remember crying with joy, because I never thought that would happen again."

After his discharge, Eddie's recovery continued in BCH's Outpatient Rehabilitation stroke program, which helped him return to the many activities of everyday life. In less than a year after his stroke, Eddie was ready for a new challenge - starting a new career as a certified nurses aide and hyperbaric technologist.

"Had it not been for the foundation and courage I gained through BCH's stroke rehabilitation program, I wouldn't be in this position today. It really was the basis for me getting better," he says.  

Watch Eddie's video to learn about his recovery through BCH's inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation stroke programs.


Recent Grants
Here’s a sampling of grants recently awarded by the BCH Foundation:

Grants that Improve Patients’ Hospital Experiences  

  • Breast Cancer Support Group and Treatment Fund
  • Window coverings and furnishings for patient rooms
  • Artwork for patient rooms, hallways and courtyards
  • Blanket warmers for Orthopedic and Rehabilitation patients
  • Outdoor fountain in the Foothills Hospital courtyard
  • Emergency clothing for Emergency Room patients who have damaged personal articles
  • Pet care for Emergency Room patients 

Grants that Reach Out to Serve Unmet Needs

  • Wigs and prosthetics 
  • HIV counseling for patients of the Beacon Clinic
  • Mammogram and follow-up care for underinsured patients
  • Rehabilitation therapy for uninsured or under-insured children
  • Medical co-payment and medications for the uninsured
  • Scholarships for warm water therapy pool 

Grants that Enhance the Hospital’s Technological Edge

  • AED's for Emergency Cardiac Care by local public safety personnel
  • SpyGlass Direct Visualization System 
  • Sports Concussion Assessment Tool 
  • State-of-the-Art ICU Patient Monitoring System 
  • 64 Slice CT Scanner
  • Fluorescent microscope for TB and parasite detection
  • Portable x-ray machine for Cancer Care and ICU patients
  • Scholarships for continuing education and training for nurses
  • Vital signs monitors
  • Neonatal Cystic Fibrosis Testing Devise
  • Decontamination shower facilities
  • Gamma camera for the Women's Imaging Center 

The Foundation directs the gifts it receives to directly support our community-owned, not-for-profit health system so that the local health care may continue to excel in providing world class, compassionate patient care and establish state-of -the-art “Centers of Excellence” that are convenient and accessible to citizens of Boulder County.

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